The Association of School Transportation Services of BC

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The Association of School Transportation Services of B.C. is dedicated to the promotion of safe transportation and encourages those associated with it to do likewise.

The Association through its membership, and the strengths and efforts of all individuals involved, is held in high regard both inside and outside the transportation industry. The Association is proud of its heritage, the efforts of its many members and associates, and continues to seek out the best in all fields of student transportation. Working together, embracing the challenges of today and making things happen, gives us the opportunity to go beyond the trials and tribulations within our individual sanctuaries.

The Association needs members like you - who have a vision, a desire to be involved, want to contribute toward the values of membership, and who strive to do the best one can and feel self satisfaction for having done so. You can become a part of that process, meet others who share the same values as you and be challenged by sharing your own vision of the future.

Membership is welcomed from any individual, other association, and interested parties, who want to share the belief that together, as a united group, we can and will be leaders in student transportation.