Canadian Professional Development Courses

The following NAPT courses have been converted to Canadian content.They will be made available via regional Pro-D or pre-conference sessions as requested by each organization.

100 Series
101C – Student Transportation Orientation (8 hours)

200 Series
202C – Presentation Skills (4 to 8 hours)
203C - Communication Skills for Transportation Professionals
205C - Managing the Media 
208C – Parent, Administrator, Board and Public Outreach


300 Series
301C – Basic School Transportation Accounting 
302C - Budget Development 
303C – Procurement and Budget Management 
304C – Data Driven Decision-Making 

400 Series
401C - Managing Human Resources 1
402C – Managing Human Resources: Employee Relations
404C – Human Resources Critical Issues
405C – Student Management

500 Series
501C – Overseeing a Fleet Maintenance Program
502C - Advanced Shop Maintenance (8 hours) 
503C – School Bus Specifications
505C – School Facility Planning

600 Series
601C - School Bus Routing and Scheduling I
602C - School Bus Routing and Scheduling II 
603C – Transportation System Infrastructure
604C - Transportation Program Planning and Evaluation 
606C – Emergency Planning and Risk Management (8 hours)
607C – Legal and Regulatory Fundamentals in Public School Transportation
608C – Developing a Safety Program 
609C – Collison Investigation (8 hours) 

700 Series
701C – Intro to Leadership and Management
704C – Strategic Planning for Transportation Departments

800 Series
801C – Transporting Students with Disabilities & Special Needs 
802C – Seatbelt Use and Methods of Securing of Students with Disabilities & Special Needs

900 Series
901C – School Transportation Security Assessment 
902C – Crisis Communication