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The Association of Transportation Services of B.C. has a long list of accomplishments and success stories.  Some of them include:

  • Provided a representative who served on the ICBC Driver Licensing Committee reporesenting the school bus industry. Provided input to the restructuring of the Commercial Driver's Licenses.
  • Provided expertise and members to the Ministry of Education committee to develop specifications for establishing capital funding allowances for purchasing new school buses.
  • Provided expertise and members to the Ministry of Education committee to investigate the operations regarding Fleet Maintenance Programs and GPS software.
  • Developed a ''community network'' for province-wide sharing of information between districts, contractors, suppliers, public and provincial agencies and other people throughout the transportation industry.
  • Hosted an annual conference/trade show every year since 1965. This conference/trade show would bring together school bus operators, contractors and district operators from all over British Columbia.
  • Represented the interests and provided speakers at a number of North American Conferences including NAPT, STN Exposition, Alberta School Bus Conference, Saskatchewan School Bus Conference, 2000 (Saint John, NB), 2004 (Quebec City, QB), 2006 (Halifax, NS) Canadian Pupil Transportation.
  • Hosted two successful Canadian Pupil Transportation Conferences in 2002 (Penticton) and 2008 (Victoria).
  • Instrumental in the success of the Canadian Pupil Transportation Conferences held since 2000. Executive members worked diligently to promote the Canadian Conferences held every two years.
  • Working with the other provinces' representatives from ASTSBC successfully gained the acceptance and agreement on dates for two School Bus Safety Weeks across Canada.
  • The creation of the Canadian Pupil Transportation Network. This group of people, spearheaded by ASTSBC maintained a connection between the provinces and regions of Canada. With the use of conference calls every couple of months, each region had the opportunity to report on what is happening with their area. There were also opportunities to report on any major incidents involving school buses and to seek information.
  • In 2009 the ASTSBC successfully co-hosted the Western Transportation Exposition with Motor Coach Canada. This was the first ever joint conference/trade show involving the Motor Coach Industry and the school bus industry. The conference/trade show brought together school bus, coach and tour bus operators and equipment suppliers. It also provided networking, business sessions and keynote speakers to address the most important challenges facing the transportation industry.
  • Recognized by regulatory bodies including the Ministry of Education, ICBC, Ministry of Finance and the Solicitor-General for its expertise.
  • Recognized by regulatory bodies across Canada (Transport Canada and the Province of Ontario) for its expertise, record and vision in the school bus industry.
  • Recognized by national organizations and companies across North America for its expertise, record and vision in the school bus industry (National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) and the School Transportation News).