At the Association of Transportation Services of B.C., we are committed to providing the highest degree of safety in the transportation of school children.  Our motto is to:

  • Cooperate with fellow transportation industries and associations for the advancement of safe and efficient pupil transportation systems.
  • To promote responsible and competent management of school transportation systems by implementing and supporting training programs for school personnel.
  • To reinforce good knowledge and practice with our hands-on experience to promote the reduction of pupil transportation risk.
  • To strengthen our relationship with its membership - a relationship based on mutual respect, fairness and cooperation.
  • To create a better community and a better workforce, instilling a sense of pride in ASTSBC members, its sponsorship and those who will benefit from the programs and initiatives we support.
  • To promote the general welfare of the Association and its membership.

If you have any questions regarding the Association and its membership, please contact Frank Marasco via e-mail at