2021 Presidents Message

When I first entered the pupil transportation industry and attended my very first ASTSBC conference it became very clear, very quickly that this was a group of people who were extremely passionate. These folks from ASTSBC were passionate about the promotion of safe transportation, about developing best practices, collaborating with all districts and their bus operators in the province and in maintaining a high level of excellence in the field of student transportation. The welcome into the association was immediate, association members were friendly and the knowledge and learning that I left with exceeded my highest expectations. I was hooked. As the current ASTSBC President, I am still awe-struck by the level of dedication and passion exemplified by our executive and by our members. Working with the folks on our executive committee, who each strive for a high level of excellence is both humbling and inspiring. I’d like to thank those people as well as the past executive members, for making this association something that we can all be proud to be part of.

As technology and safety standards advance, so do school buses. ASTSBC is dedicated to ensuring pupil transportation providers across BC are up to date with these advancements. The development of Professional Development courses, development and continuous review of best practices, providing provincial driver trainers to
school districts, and working with the ministry in providing expertise in developing specifications for establishing capital funding allowance for the purchase of new school buses, are just some of the many ways that the association accomplishes this. Considering these facts, each year sees the ASTSBC nearing closer to becoming the BC Center of Excellence in Student Transportation. It is fun and exciting to be a part of this, and we hope that anyone in the industry can benefit from the work that is done.

I feel fortunate to be a member and proud to be part of the team who can provide this service to our industry. The bus drivers, technicians and transportation administrative staff in each school district are all the real heroes here. Those in this industry are safety driven, passionate and work hard every day to keep our students safe. We strive to support you where we can.

Thank you to the many who work with your whole heart in this industry. You are amazing!

Humbly yours,

Lisa Phillips, ASTSBC - President

“Your Child’s Safety Is Our Business”